March 2017


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KMIO Director’s message

  Dr KB Linge Gowda
Kidwai Memorial Institute of Oncology
Patron-in- chief, ISNOCON 2017

Dear Colleagues & Friends
Kidwai Memorial Institute of Oncology is honored to host the 9 th annual conference of the Indian Society of Neuro-Oncology (ISNO) from March 10-12 th 2017 at the prestigious NIMHANS convention center, in Bengaluru, India. Kidwai Memorial Institute of Oncology, recently attaining the “State Cancer Institute” status by the Government of India, forms an ideal platform to host the annual conference of ISNO. I invite you to join this outstanding event for Neuro-Oncology. I am happy to know the tremendous contributions of ISNO, continuing the success story year by year at each annual conference seeking to promote Neuro-Oncology in all aspects of care and research, making its mark at the world platforms, too. The knowledge and interest in Neuro-Oncology deciphered to all the oncology and neuro-science colleagues, is remarkable. The ISNOCON 2017 will continue the success story, to provide an opportunity to share up-to- date advances in basic science, translational and clinical research in a multidisciplinary setting.

  We hope very much that you will be able to join us and we wish you a fruitful participation in ISNO 2017 in Bangalore.

Kind regards
Dr KB Linge Gowda

ISNO President’s message

  Rakesh Jalali
President, ISNO

Dear Friends
The Indian Society of NeuroOncology (ISNO) is committed to promote the scientific knowledge and research in CNS tumours and ISNOCON annual meetings are wonderful platforms to deliberate the latest advances in the field and an opportunity to come together. We remain cognizant of the two enormous challenges we face; namely the dissemination of evidence based knowledge in the prevailing diverse health care systems in our country and generating quality data from vast pool of patient numbers and excellent available expertise.

For the last two years, the society has worked hard in establishing working national guidelines under a designated ISNO expert panel on medulloblastomas in 2015-16 and role of molecular diagnostics as per the recent 2016 WHO classification during 2016-17 and already a lot of progress has been accomplished by the two expert panels.

I am particularly thrilled that the next 2017 annual conference of the society is being held in Bengaluru (in NIMHANS convention centre) between March 10-12, 2017 and will continue the theme of the rapidly evolving WHO classification and integrated diagnostics of various brain tumours and more importantly, their impact in day to day practice. Special emphasis on paediatric gliomas and the impact of molecular markers in the management is appropriately a major theme of the meeting. It is going to be an extremely informative meeting and the organisers (Kidwai Memorial team) are leaving no stone unturned to get top and leading national and international experts (some of them already confirmed) for this exciting meeting.Landmark research ‘not to be missed’ session, national guidelines on a major theme, award sessions, orations, invited talks in dedicated sessions/symposia/debates etc as well a free papers/posters will be part of the scientific programme. There is a good likelihood the meeting will also allow may well finally initiate some sort of national cooperative study, at least in 1-2 sites/subjects, so much needed and do-able, given the wealth of experience and large number of patients that we have. It is likely to be a very interesting meeting.

Please pass on the information to all your colleagues and we look forward to see you in large numbers!

Yours sincerely
Rakesh Jalali
President, ISNO